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Serious smokers want a choice. DUCK-N-ROLL Smoking Herbs are the premier brand among organic smoking herbs and blends. Packed with flavor and chemical free, these smooth herbal blends add dimension and exquisite taste whether smoked straight or cut with tobacco. All herbs and blends are products of Gardens by Grace, LLC, the largest USDA Certified Organic manufacturer and wholesaler on the East Coast. Check out our fine blends and straight herbals for the ultimate smoking experience.

legality and certification

With the onset of synthetic chemical bans sweeping across the country, we understand the importance behind a safe and effective product. Other companies disguise their products as "herbal incense" or "bath salts" backed by toxicity reports and fake claims of purity. A company with a chemical analysis may not be using currently banned chemicals, but they are still using chemicals; ones that can and will be banned in the future.

Only the DUCK-N-ROLL label has approval from the Federal Trade Commission to market our products as Smoking Herbs for consumption. In addition, DUCK-N-ROLL is backed by a USDA Organic Certification as well as a Pennsylvania Organic Certification and carries the distinction of being a PA Preferred product by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.


Not sure about what's available in the shop? All DUCK-N-ROLL Smoking Herbs and Blends are fully customizable. Contact us directly at 717-267-3177 or through the Contact Form with your requests and we will custom mix your blend at no additional cost.

bulk & wholesale

DUCK-N-ROLL Smoking Herbs and Blends are available in bulk and wholesale quantities under the "Wholesale" tab. A password is required by retailers using our Wholesale section. For details or to register for a Wholesale password, contact our office directly. A business Tax Identification Number will be required for registration.



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